Stress of opening a CBD shop

Stress of opening a CBD shop

Now that the stress of opening the shop has settled down I have time to add some photos! A big thanks to Gerald and the guys at Trade Signs Lurgan for getting our shop sign done on time! Its all about the signs!

For me personally CBD helps when I feel the physical and emotional signs of stress and the resulting anxiety in my body. Its so much nicer having your shoulders down and relaxed rather than up near your ears!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us in setting up this business. From all the lovely staff in the CBD and Hemp Store, Armagh, CBD Life and George Botanicals who have supplied us with CBD products, to the lovely ladies at Hemp @ Home and Cannabakes who have amazing sewing skills and baking skills.

To Steve at Steve’s Pallet Creations, Martin, Trevor, Peter, Barry, Martin and his lovely wife and son, all the customers who have called in so far, Claire, Emma, Julie, Kyle and Denny who modelled our tea pot filled with love down Union Street and of course all our lovely new neighbours who are all so supportive of each other’s businesses.

Hope to see more people take a spin to Lurgan now to visit out our new shop and spend a bit of time checking out the town- it might surprise you how cool Lurgan actually is!
Photos of our shop and stock to follow soon.

If anyone wants to come in to talk on camera about CBD and how it has helped them, which they would be happy enough to share on Facebook, let us know when you call in. Don’t expect professional camera skills though as we are both amateurs at that! Might change though if lots of people are happy to talk to the world!

Thanks again.

Pauline and James

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