website launch event

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Just a few photos

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Just a few photos to show you what we have in stock so far. Loving the colours of the logo designed by Claire Kennedy against these t-shirts I picked up in Rushmere Shopping Centre for printing by Urban Print in Lurgan and Graphic Answers in Tandragee. Vape pens proving very popular, along with the sprays, tinctures, balms and edibles. Call in to try the teas and coffee, or buy some hemp seeds and experiment with smoothies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Stress of opening a CBD shop

Now that the stress of opening the shop has settled down I have time to add some photos! A big thanks to Gerald and the guys at Trade Signs Lurgan for getting our shop sign done on time! Its all about the signs! For me personally CBD helps when I feel the physical and emotional signs of stress and the resulting anxiety in my body. Its so much nicer having your shoulders down and relaxed rather than up near your...

Come in and play with us!

Sometimes in life you have to find ways to amuse yourself and cheer yourself up. Ive invented a game of balance in our shop this morning since Statera comes from the Latin word meaning balance. Thanks James for coming up with that word! Also while we are waiting on the shop being finished off we might as well make use of what we have- might leave the ceiling tiles for me to play games! Come in and play with us!...

Hemp seeds are a good way to start

So customers are talking about how to make changes to their lifestyles to improve their health. Hemp seeds are a good way to start. Lots of recipes on this page to try. Call in and buy your shelled hemp seeds in Statera CBD. £5 for 225g.